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Rogers Arena towers proposal: Green Roofs, A Hockey Rink and Less Viaduct

From Openfile
by Michael Aynsley

Plan for Aquilini Rental and Condo towers around BC Place

Plan for Aquilini Rental and Condo towers around BC Place

According to News 1130, there wasn’t much opposition to the Rogers Arena towers development when the City of Vancouver hosted the first open house on the comprehensive proposal Monday night.

The developer behind the proposed project is the Aquilini group. If approved, the buildings would surround Rogers Arena. The idea is to have two of the towers be for a mixed-use of office and residential space, while the third would be comprised entirely of residential units. The towers would be anywhere between 26 and 32 storeys. Here’s the density proposal for each tower:

Of course, the most interesting part of the proposal is that it hinges on at least one of the viaducts being removed.¬†You’ll noticed that the whited-out “future development” tower is on top of what currently is the Dunsmuir Viaduct.

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A Plan To Behead Vancouver’s Urban Serpent: The Georgia Viaduct

From the Globe and Mail
By: Hadani Ditmars

news-2781“Just look at all this wasted space,” says Larry Beasley, as he drives underneath the Georgia Viaduct near Quebec Street on a sunny February afternoon.

“Think of what we could do here – more green space, housing…”

“Yes and the new park could replace some of these eight lanes,” chimes in Jim Green, “who needs eight lanes?”

No, this is not the fragment of some strange planners reverie. This is an impromptu tour of the Vancouver neighbourhoods traversed by the Georgia Viaduct. Lead by Mr. Beasley, the city’s former head of planning and Mr. Green, a former councillor, mayoral candidate and long time community activist, the pair aim to show how eliminating the viaduct could not only create more space for housing and parks, but could weave disparate neighbourhoods into a whole new community.

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