Burned by “Business in Vancouver”

The FCRA had a good presence at City Hall when Council met to decide on whether to proceed with the staff request for $2,000,000+  to continue their work on planning for removal of the Georgia and Dunsmuir viaducts.  FCRA Directors on the speakers list included Sean Bickerton, Andrea Mackenzie, and co-chairs Patsy McMillan and Fern Jeffries.

Following this, the local magazine Business in Vancouver contacted the FCRA for an interview.  On behalf of our association, co-chair Fern Jeffries agreed to be interviewed.  The reporter asked about property values.  Consistent with our published position, the response was “property values are not our issue.  Our issue is Quality of Life.

So what did they publish?  “Viaduct removal is good for quality of life and that’s good for property values,” False Creek Residents Association co-chair Fern Jeffries told Business in Vancouver.

Creative writing for sure!

City Council voted to approve the ongoing program for viaduct removal, which included a commitment for “meaningful community engagement”.  Subsequently staff have cancelled our Working Group meetings for the next two months.  More creative writing!


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