The FCRA supports the new school at International Village!

July 24, 2013
To Mayor and Council
Re: International Village School

As a community/resident association we would like to support, in principle, the development and delivery of the new International Village School at 55 Expo Blvd. We understand that there are some necessary building requirements to ensure that the comprehensive size of the building can accommodate both the school itself and the common area/child care area. This will entail a possible encroachment onto Andy Livingstone Park via a cantilevered second story. We support this design as it will alleviate the possibility of the building disturbing the views from the Firenze. We also understand that the parking requirements are still being negotiated with the Firenze strata council and its resident members.

We have met with representatives from the VSB and the architect, Walter Francl and as well they have attended one of the JWG meetings and an FCRA Board meeting. As a resident association we hope to continue the dialogue with the VSB in order to ensure that the IV School is the best fit for our community.

The construction of the new International Village School is critical to the continued development of NEFC. We look forward to its arrival in our community.

Patsy McMillan, Co-chair, FCRA


False Creek Residents Association —


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