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Greening the Creek – Creekside Park First!


Vancouver Residents have waited almost 25 years for the developer to deliver on the commitment to build a 9 acre waterfront front park that will extend the Current Creekside Park next to Science World all the way to Carrall Street,  The 9 acre park will include a completed seawall and green space from the waterfront to Expo Boulevard.  The promise is that additional features and amenities in the park will be determined through a public participatory process.  This Park will be an important landmark in the city – enabling waterfront access for people living across Vancouver and for visitors from around the world who come to False Creek to admire our vibrant and livable city.

Our Green Light Campaign is building momentum.  Join Us!  You can purchase one of our green light bulbs at a number of upcoming events:

The Lobby of the Viceroy, 1088 Quebec Street, Saturday, February 15, 10 am to Noon

The Lobby of the Creekside, 125 Millross, Tuesday, February 18, 4:30 to 6:30

The Park was promised as part of a deal sealed in 1990 that gave the developer zoning for 7650 units.  Now over 10,000 units have been built.  And still there is no park.  Plans for “Central False Creek” include at least another 1300 units.  And still there is no park.

Light up and send a clear message that we want our park now!