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FCRA petitions the Supreme Court of British Columbia

After 10 years of talking to 3 mayors, 3 councils, 3 directors of planning, we have filed a petition in Supreme Court of BC for judicial review of the city’s decisions to continue to allow both the “temporary” development permits for Concord Pacific’s sales centre, and the on-going commercial activity on Lot 9.  Lot 9 is designated in the Official Development plan and in the BC Place/Expo District zoning by law as Park.  We do not believe these commercial purposes are allowed.  Will the Court agree?  Stay tuned.  Your advice and comments are always welcome.

The legal documents are attached here.Petition to Court May 21, 2014Affidavit filed May 21, 2014 Continuation of Affidavit

“Have your development. Fill your face. We want the park first.”

This is a quote from comments made by Fern Jeffries, FCRA Co-Chair  to Matt Robinson, reporter from the Vancouver Sun and used in his article on May 14.  We had published this article on this web site.

The newspaper has now requested that we remove the article from our website and we have done so.

We will repost if the Vancouver Sun gives us formal permission to do so.  In the meantime, you can read the full article by searching the Sun’s web site, or clicking on:

Fooled Again?

The City has completed its negotiations with Concord Pacific for the amenity package to be provided in exchange for rezoning the lot West of the Cambie Bridge.  This is shown as 47 Nelson Street in the picture, but it’s now called 998 Expo.  See the full list of amenities, designs and staff recommendations at:

What’s missing from this package is any firm commitment for Creekside Park.  The report says “several years”,  and promises to expedite planning for the park.  Of course, we’ve heard all that before.  We’ve been hearing that for years.

We heard that in 2011 – the last time Concord tried to get approval to develop this property. At that point, the developer was planning to build 543 units.  Now it’s up to 620 units.  The report contains a graphic of a much larger park, but we suspect that’s just fiction as it is contrary to current Concord drawings and models in their sales centre.  The City hasn’t managed to get any firm commitment from Concord Pacific for that lager park.  Residential-Unit-Count-(5BArea)

If you have questions or concerns or simply want more information on the FCRA analysis of this report, please contact us at:

We would love to hear your thoughts.  The report will be presented to Council on May 13.

Another Community Group Sues the City!

Joining the West End Neighbours (WEN) , the Mount Pleasant Residents Association (RAMP) the Kits Point Residents Association, and the Southlands Community Association, the Community Association of New Yaletown (CANY) has now filed suit against the City of Vancouver in the Supreme Court of BC.

The common thread in all those lawsuits is that the City has not listened to residents, but is pushing through a development  and density agenda in accordance with the wishes of major developers.

Read more about it on

A summary of all ten law suits against the City can be found at:

Who will be next?  Stay tuned!!