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Public Hearing proceeds. No Park on offer — again!

“Our concern is now, as it was in 2011, that density is being added to the neighbourhood with no increase to the social or physical infrastructure. Further, this proposal increases the density from 543 units proposed in 2011 to 620. Yet there is still no daycare, no dog park, not one more blade to grass to support the increase in density.”

Read the full presentation made to Council on behalf of the neighbourhood.

Presentation to Public Hearing

FCRA calls on Mayor disqualify Councillor Meggs from hearing on Concord Pacific’s rezoning application

June 9, 2014:  City Councillor Geoff Meggs must be disqualified from participating in the Public Hearing on Concord Pacific’s development application.

Under the Vancouver Charter, (sec 566), the public is entitled to be heard prior to any rezoning decisions.  These Public Hearings are quasi-judicial proceedings and Councillors are expected to act in accordance with procedural fairness and natural justice.  Simply put, this means that:

  • Councillors are to maintain their neutrality until they have full information in an equitable and transparent manner.
  • No one Councillor is to be given information aside from that provided to ALL councillors.
  • There are to be no private conversations, no lobbying, and certainly no pontificating by Councillors beforehand.

A Public Hearing is scheduled for June 10, 2014 on Concord Pacific’s development proposal for 998 Expo Blvd.  City of Vancouver Planning staff are recommending that Council approve this application for rezoning.

In a blog posting on Friday, June 6, Councillor Meggs quoted extensively from the staff report.  He tweeted the FCRA on the subject of the report.  “I was shocked to see this posting, and to receive a tweet from Councillor Meggs about it”, said Fern Jeffries, Co-Chair of the False Creek Residents Association.

“We are constantly warned by members of Council not to contact them on an issue once it is referred to Public Hearing, and here was Councillor Meggs proceeding in a most partisan manner, referring readers to Concord’s media release, and to those sections of the Staff Report that agree with the developer that we can’t expect any action on the park unless their current application is approved”.

“The City is certainly being held for ransom” added Patsy McMillan, FCRA Co-Chair. “To say that we must accept 998 Expo Blvd BEFORE we see any of the park is just a negotiating position.  It has nothing to do with soil remediation or any technical or legal requirement for the park. “

The entire posting has now been deleted from Councillor Meggs’s  blog.   Of course, in this internet era, nothing is really deleted and the FCRA has a complete pdf version of the original posting, including Councillor Meggs’s referral of readers to the Concord Pacific web site and media release.

We now call on the Mayor to disqualify Clr Meggs from participating in the public hearing and from voting on the proposal.  Deleting the blog posting is a clear admission of wrong-doing.  There is sufficient appearance of bias and misconduct to warrant such action:

  • publicly expressing support of the proposal before the Public Hearing
  • alliance with developer’s media statement and position
  • communication via twitter with the FCRA prior to the Public Hearing

June 10, City Hall — Be There!!

On June 10, the City will hold a pubic hearing on the development proposed for 998 Expo Blvd.  This is the latest Concord Pacific project — and still no park!!

No park, no childcare, no off leash area, not one more blade of grass.  But they are asking the cry to increase their unit allocation from 10,925 to 11,511.  Creekside Park was supposed to be delivered at 7650 units!!

Meet us on the steps of City Hall at 5:30.  Sign up to speak:

This is our chance to be heard.  Otherwise, we’ll be waiting another 24 years.

Message to the Mayor. If you want to see Creekside Park – or any important amenity in our community, write Mayor and Council today!

Here is what a neighbour has written about the proposed development at 998 Expo Blvd.

Dear Mr. Mayor and. Council,

Again another report and still no meaningful action on Creekside Park. When and what will it take for you to actually take action and stop parroting the developers requests.  As a long term resident of the Citygate neighborhood I can say we are out of patience.  If you missed the green lights open your eyes. If you missed the news conference and the court action which clearly stems from our frustration open your eyes. If you missed the request for day care and for an off leash fenced dog park open your eyes.
Your lack of action on Creekside Park is wholly unacceptable and is an insult to the spirit of the original agreement to complete the park development.  Unless you are expecting Concord to make 6C all park land the down zoning proposed will only mean a future request to further increase the density.  We will have more and more density and still no park or improved green space.
Enough is enough. You need to represent the residents who elected you to do what we have asked. Deliver the park. If you want to reconfigure it in the future because you decide to redevelop the roadway then address those changes at that time. We are fed up with the manipulated delays and the failure to deliver what was promised over 25 years ago.