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Concord seeks “Respondent” status in FCRA’s judicial review application

Not content to be an Intervenor, Concord Pacific has applied to the Supreme Court of BC to be added to the Judicial Review application as a full Party.

They bolster their argument by claiming any interference in their commercial activities on park-zoned land would cause them “undue hardship”.

For complete information on this development, see the FCRA Backgrounder:
Backgrounder July 29, 2014

Concord’s Application to the Supreme Court was filed July 24th. The application will be heard on August 27.

Filed Notice of Application

Casino at BC Place

As you know, the City has approved the move of the Edgewater Casino from its current location on the waterfront at the Plaza of Nations to BC Place. However, this approval was contingent on agreement from Paragon Gaming that there would be no expansion of gaming.

Notwithstanding this, plans for the new location at BC Place show that the gaming floor will be twice as big as would be required.

In order to ensure that the ‘no expansion’ agreement is complied with, Councillor Adriane Carr will be introducing a motion requiring a restrictive covenant on the development permit.

Vancouver Not Vegas is requesting that interested residents attend City Hall to speak on this issue:

Tuesday, July 22, 9:30

You can register in person on Tuesday by 9:15 am, or call 311 before Monday 5:00 pm to register in advance.

September 11 – Our Day In Court

The Supreme Court of BC has given the FCRA a hearing date of September 11. The FCRA is asking the Court to rule on whether the City of Vancouver can permit the current commercial activity on Lot 9 of the BC Place/Expo District land which is zoned exclusively for park and recreation uses.

The City has yet to file its response to our Petition,notwithstanding that this response was due on June 12 according to the Court Rules.

The last temporary permit for Concord Pacific’s sales centre expired on May 16. The City has not renewed that permit, but the sales centre continues to operate.

The full petition is available on this web site:

Tax Issues

It’s time to pay municipal taxes—and time to question whether the system is as fair as it should be. In Vancouver, the City determines how much of its revenues will come from residential property, and how much will come from commercial property. Mill rates are set accordingly by the City, however the value of Assessments are predetermined by an independent provincial agency. Appeals of these assessments are adjudicated by a panel appointed by the provincial cabinet.

The following note was written to shed some light on the current situation in Northeast False Creek—specifically the tax assessments for the 12 acres of undeveloped land owned by Concord Pacific.

Tax Issues in Northeast False Creek