Do you have questions?

On October 29th, the FCRA will sponsor a meeting of candidates in the upcoming civic election. There will be pre-set questions from the association and an opportunity for questions from the floor.

What would you like to ask:

When will the City demand that Creekside Park is delivered by Concord Pacific?

Are you in favour of removing the viaducts? What is your plan to ensure that removing the viaducts doesn’t have an unmanageable impact on our local streets?

When will we see the community centre including indoor soccer gym and ice rink on the Plaza of Nations?

Let us know your issues. Come on out on the 29th and assess the candidates.
October 29, 2014
Creekside Community Centre
1 Athletes Way
7pm Meet and Greet Candidates
7:30 Qs and As
9:00 Closing

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