Residents finally at rest from glaring digital screen…for now

One of a trio of giant electronic video screens was being dismantled today. And residents who have been plagued by flashing lights invading their homes can finally sleep at night.

City bylaws don’t apply

The South-facing digital billboard—one of three—was first erected in 2011 under provincial jurisdiction and even though it contravenes city bylaws in size and wattage, the province chose not to comply; the stadium is on provincial land and PavCo, who manages BC Place, is a provincial government agency.

While area residents live in an entertainment district and expect—and enjoy—all that comes with it, they also expect elected officials and laws to protect them from being blitzed by artificial light in their homes (ads that radiate 20 times brighter than limits set by Ottawa, for example). Countless complaints went unheeded.

False hope?

But perhaps this is just a reprieve. Do the dazzling, flickering lights of Vegas-Vancouver await as an Urban Resort goes up in its place? Here’s hoping developers will be good neighbours and keep the strobe lights inside, not in resident’s living rooms.

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