A packed house!

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Thanks to an engaged community, the FCRA Candidates Forum played to a packed house at the Creekside Community Centre.

All municipal parties attended.  We attracted 4 mayoralty candidates:  Independent Bob Kasting, NPA Kirk LaPointe, Independent Colin Shindler, and COPE Meena Wong. Two sitting City Councillors attended:  Adriane Carr from the Green Party, and Raymond Louie from Vision Vancouver.

We hope the discussions will inform voters, and we hope for a great turnout at the polls from our community.

Did we learn anything?  Unfortunately there was no commitment from any candidate  to pursue an appeal of the $1.00 assessment of Concord’s 9 acre waterfront property and no promise to ‘sod over’ the 7 acres of non-sales centre portion of  Lot 9; although Bob Kasting is on record with a commitment to ensure park-zoned land is used for park and recreation purposes only.

There were promises from many of the candidates to do a better job of community engagement and consultation.  One City and the Vancouver Green Party are committed to Neighbourhood Councils.  This is fully detailed in the Green Party’s platform which is available at: votevangreens.ca.   The NPA has promised to revitalize and renew CityPlan which has extensive neighbourhood participation.  Kirk’s plan for this was outlined at the Coalition of Vancouver Neighbourhood’s Town Hall event on October 15. The Cedar Party promises financial prudence and accountability. Vancouver First echoes that position, and urges voters to elect a mixed slate of councillors.

Please add your comments to our post and send in your pictures!  And above all — don’t forget to vote!

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