No Pretense – Chief Planner Brian Jackson admits to the Court that he did not consider the FCRA submission

On December 12, 2014 the FCRA presented its case for Judicial Review of the City’s decision to grant Concord Pacific an extension of its temporary permit for the Sales Centre located on land zoned for exclusive park use. The city allowed Concord to build the sales centre on this land (Lot 9 of the BC Place/Expo District) on the basis of “hardship” as outlined in the Vancouver Charter.

In closing the proceedings for the day, Justice Sewell asked that the City clarify its consideration of hardship.  The City has responded with this affidavit filed by Brian Jackson, General Manager of Planning and development.

Before we filed for Judicial Review – in fact, before we even considered legal action, the FCRA wrote to Mr. Jackson outlining the reasons we objected to the renewal of the permit.  Obviously, we addressed the issue of “hardship”.

In his affidavit to the Court, Mr.Jackson refers to all the information he considered before issuing a 3 year extension for Concord.  What is not listed is our May 3 submission.

A clear admission that the City has made its decision without hearing from the community.

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