OOPS. City’s Planning Boss files 2nd affidavit to say he read the FCRA’s submission on Concord’s application to renew the “temporary” permit allowing their sales centre to operate on park-zoned land

In his evidence, Mr. Jackson’s first affidavit filed on December 22, 2014 indicates all the factors he took into account when granting “Hardship” status to Concord Pacific.  Conspicuous by its absence  was the submission made by the FCRA indicating our objection to renewing the  permit which would have resulted in 10 years of selling condos “temporarily” on a site zoned for exclusive park use.

This web site, the  FCRA’s tweets and Facebook page pointed out the fact that Mr. Jackson neglected to take the community’s position into account.

Now Mr. Jackson has filed a second affidavit, claiming that of course he took our position into account.    Not a surprise given the overwhelming negative response from the public to the omission of any reference to the community’s objection.

We are still awaiting word on a Court date to complete the presentation of this case in BC’s Supreme Court.

Would Concord Pacific suffer “unnecessary hardship” if it wasn’t allowed to sell condos on land zoned for exclusive park use?  The City of Vancouver says “Yes”.  The FCRA says “No.

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