January 30, 10 am in Supreme Court

The City will present its case for granting “hardship” status to one of the country’s wealthiest private companies on January 30, 2015 at 10 am.

Concord Pacific’s Vancouver sales centre is built on land that is zoned for exclusive park and recreation use.  The City has allowed this on a “temporary” basis for the past decade.  The provision used by the City enables a “relaxation” of zoning if otherwise the owner would suffer unnecessary hardship.

The FCRA is asking the Supreme Court to review this decision.  Is it correct?  Is it reasonable?  Concord was successful in being named as a full party to this dispute.  For a full account of day 1 of this case, see our previous posting.

The presentation to Mr. Justice Sewell will conclude on January 30, with the City of Vancouver’s opportunity to justify its decision to allow commercial activities on park-zoned lands.

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