Concord Pacific unveils massive plans for its portion of Northeast False Creek

For years, the Concord Pacific lands have been used as a parking lot and space for special events, including the occasional Cirque du Soleil show, staging area for the Molson Indy, and exhibition pavilions during the 2010 Olympics.

But permanent plans for this area, Northeast False Creek, are now becoming clearer now that the City of Vancouver has set in motion its controversial vision of tearing down the viaducts.

Conceptual plans for Canadian Metropolitan Properties’ Plaza of Nations redevelopmentPavCo’s new mixed-use tower at BC Place Stadium, and the municipal government’s 11-acre Creekside Park expansion were revealed earlier this month.

And now, Concord Pacific’s preliminary plans for its 10.2-acre waterfront site, between the new park and Plaza of Nations redevelopment, are also public.

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