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April All Candidates Meeting

rsz_2img_4800The FCRA held an All-Candidates meeting for candidates in the Vancouver-False Creek riding in the upcoming Provincial election last night on a sunny Wednesday evening at the Creekside Community Centre.

The April 24 debate featured Sam Sullivan (BC Liberals), Matt Toner (NDP), Ian Tootill (Ind), James Filippelli (Your Political Party) and Salvatore J. Vetro (BC First Party).

The auditorium was packed with more than 100 people, and candidates answered questions about schools, hospitals, the environment, the giant neon billboards at BC Place, daycare, mental health services, voter participation and other issues during a lively but respectful 2 hour session.


Democracy in action
And the view outside the hall was a beautiful sight too!


FCRA presentation to Vancouver City Council Jan 15 2013

Good evening Mayor and Council:

Creekside Park site: Lot 9

Creekside Park site: Lot 9

On behalf of the False Creek Residents Association and the Crosstown Residents Association, let me offer you my best wishes for a happy and healthy 2013.

While it’s 2013 according to the GREGORian calendar, many of us measure time from 1990 – when the City of Vancouver agreed on a package of amenities that were appropriate given the allocation of 7650 units of residentialdevelopment on the Expo lands.We are now in the 23rd year of expecting the signatories of that agreement to provide the final piece of green space — Creekside Park. Even without the additional units you willconsider this evening, there are now over 10,000 unitssharing amenities intended to meet the needs of manyfewer residents. We fall woefully short of the city’s standard per capita green space allocation.

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To Mayor And Council on Removal of The Viaducts

City staff plan

City staff plan

We recognize that the whole city should be engaged in the discussion of the removal of the viaducts. The viaducts serve as a major transportation corridor providing access to the city core from the eastern part of our city. The area around False Creek has the potential to be a significant heritage and green space – a recreation destination for residents and visitors alike.

There are many wonderful features in the plans presented by city staff and we are supportive of the actual removal of the viaducts. However, speaking on behalf of residents who will be most directly impacted by any changes, we cannot endorse the city plan at this time’ without a comprehensive process of investigation into the community related aspects of this proposal. We would hope that this process evolves over the course of one year, maximum, to ensure that the process itself does not devolve into a lengthy debate without resolve.

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Can condo-zones save Vancouver’s beleaguered Chinatown?

Article from National Post, September 29, 2012
By Brian Hutchinson

Joe Wai remembers when this city’s Chinatown wasn’t synonymous with danger, drugs and filth. When people weren’t warned to steer clear of the place. Back in the 1970s, businesses thrived. Neon signs illuminated even alleyways, and restaurants remained open all night. “The sidewalks were jammed with people,” says Mr. Wai, a prominent Vancouver architect. “Things were never so good. But it didn’t last.”

We all know what happened. Drug users invaded the neighbourhood next door, the Downtown Eastside, and spilled into Chinatown’s streets. When social workers set up shop, some of the best entrepreneurs gave up and left. A once great neighbourhood became identified with Vancouver’s worst.

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Rogers Arena towers proposal: Green Roofs, A Hockey Rink and Less Viaduct

From Openfile
by Michael Aynsley

Plan for Aquilini Rental and Condo towers around BC Place

Plan for Aquilini Rental and Condo towers around BC Place

According to News 1130, there wasn’t much opposition to the Rogers Arena towers development when the City of Vancouver hosted the first open house on the comprehensive proposal Monday night.

The developer behind the proposed project is the Aquilini group. If approved, the buildings would surround Rogers Arena. The idea is to have two of the towers be for a mixed-use of office and residential space, while the third would be comprised entirely of residential units. The towers would be anywhere between 26 and 32 storeys. Here’s the density proposal for each tower:

Of course, the most interesting part of the proposal is that it hinges on at least one of the viaducts being removed. You’ll noticed that the whited-out “future development” tower is on top of what currently is the Dunsmuir Viaduct.

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A Plan To Behead Vancouver’s Urban Serpent: The Georgia Viaduct

From the Globe and Mail
By: Hadani Ditmars

news-2781“Just look at all this wasted space,” says Larry Beasley, as he drives underneath the Georgia Viaduct near Quebec Street on a sunny February afternoon.

“Think of what we could do here – more green space, housing…”

“Yes and the new park could replace some of these eight lanes,” chimes in Jim Green, “who needs eight lanes?”

No, this is not the fragment of some strange planners reverie. This is an impromptu tour of the Vancouver neighbourhoods traversed by the Georgia Viaduct. Lead by Mr. Beasley, the city’s former head of planning and Mr. Green, a former councillor, mayoral candidate and long time community activist, the pair aim to show how eliminating the viaduct could not only create more space for housing and parks, but could weave disparate neighbourhoods into a whole new community.

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Global TV News Piece on Concord’s Low Property Tax Assessment

GlobalTV’s Ron Bencze looks at the controversy brewing over Concord Pacific’s seemingly low tax bill for the Northeast False Creek property and the potential conflict of interest of political donations to Vancouver City Councillors.

A member of the FCRA Board of Directors, Sean Bickerton, is interviewed along with responses from the city.