Court Documents

On May 22, 2014, the FCRA applied for a Judicial Review of the back-to-back temporary permits allowing commercial operations on land zoned for exclusive parkland recreation use.

Affidavit filed May 21, 2014

Petition to Court May 21, 2014

Continuation of Affidavit

The City did not file a response, though according to the Rules of Court, it was due June 12, 2014.

Concord Pacific filed an application, asking that it be added to our judicial review case as a full respondent, i.e. able to bring motions, have a say in court appearance dates, be able to appeal an unfavourable ruling, etc.

Filed Notice of Application

We responded to Concord’s application as follows:
Response to Concord’s Petition

Supreme Court Master Taylor ruled that Concord should be a full party. His reasons are:
Master Taylor, re F.C.R.A False Creek Residents Association v. Vancouver (City), 09-03