Greening the Creek

Residents around Vancouver’s False Creek are shining green lights in their windows calling for the City of Vancouver and Concord Pacific to fulfill a decades-old contractual obligation to complete Creekside Park and the Seawall.

Screen Shot 2014-09-10 at 6.07.15 PMPhoto by Ann Hung

Beachcombing, cycling, walking, or just quiet enjoyment and a fresh breath—parks and water access are hallmarks of our livable Vancouver.

In 1990, in exchange for approval of 7,650 units of housing, Concord Pacific entered a
contractual agreement with the City of Vancouver and the Province of British Columbia to
deliver a 9.06 acre park on Lot #9, located at 88 Pacific Boulevard.

To date, Concord Pacific has built and sold well over 10,000 units. Their newly proposed False
Creek Central development, “one of the largest development phases anywhere in Vancouver,”
will add a further 1,300 units in 8 buildings to False Creek.

Still, 24 years later, there is no Creekside Park on Lot #9.

Vancouver citizens expect developers to honour their commitments. It’s been 25 years—high time for the City to insist on Creekside Park before it grants any further permits to this developer. The viaducts can come down. This won’t interfere with the planned park site.

False Creek, Mount Pleasant, Fairview Slopes, and the whole of Downtown is growing—young families, seniors, city enthusiasts—all active people who want to enjoy green space and fresh air. We all deserve easy access to our waterfront.

False Creek is the gateway for all of East Vancouver, and an key tourist destination for visitors. It’s an important gathering and celebration place and all Canadians remember False Creek for Vancouver’s successful 2010 Olympics. Let’s make those memories special.Screen Shot 2014-09-11 at 7.31.53 AM

Creekside Park must be delivered before further development. Until that time, the green lights will shine and the protest will continue to grow.


Wear your Creekside Park First Button
Take a supply of these information sheets to hand out to friends and neighbours when they ask you about your button.

Put a Green Light in Your Window
Bulbs can be purchased from the FCRA for $5.00. Click here for sales dates, times, and places.

Sign the Petition to design and build Creekside Park Extension at 88 Pacific Blvd (Lot #9) in North East False Creek, and deliver it to the City of Vancouver without further delay.

Write to Mayor and Council and Tell Them to Put Creekside Park First
Write individually via snail mail or by email to individual members of council or to:

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