Major Priorities 2019


Continue to support our members by engaging them through participation. Membership in the FCRA is open to any strata corporation in False Creek. Individual membership is open to any resident of False Creek with the same entitlements as a strata building membership


Infrastructure in our community

We will continue to work with the City of Vancouver and planners to understand and help shape the vision for the removal of the viaducts and the replacement road infrastructure.

We also work with the public transportation providers to ensure community access, noise levels and flow of pedestrian and street level is optimized.  


Green and public spaces

FCRA has a top priority to ensure our community has ample green and public space. This starts with our continued focus on the promised Creekside Park Extension along the waterfront between the existing Carrall Street to Quebec Street and back to Pacific Boulevard. We also want to protect the integrity of Andy Livingstone Park in its design, facilities and purpose.  We also will focus on preserving existing and encouraging new green and public spaces associated with incoming density as our community grows.



The safety and security of our neighbourhood is a key focus. This includes public infrastructure and resident security in partnership with our member buildings, the schools, city managers and the Vancouver Police.


Community Building

We believe that a strong community is one where neighbours know each other. The FCRA members will benefit from community grants, events and activities where we can all meet, share stories and experiences with the goal to build a stronger foundation.

We will continue to be the ombudsman for events which will impact our community positively and negatively by keeping close alliances with organizers so they can understand the physical aspects of our geography and have a keen understanding of the people who live here.