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Creekside Park extension and surrounding green space

FCRA has a top priority to ensure our community has ample green and public space. This starts with our continued focus on the promised Creekside Park Extension along the waterfront between the existing Carrall Street to Quebec Street and back to Pacific Boulevard.

We want to protect the integrity of Andy Livingstone Park in its design, facilities and purpose. We also focus on preserving existing and encouraging new green and public spaces associated with incoming density as our community grows. Click here to sign up to receive City of Vancouver updates and share your feedback here.  

We will continue to work with the City of Vancouver and planners to understand and help shape the vision for the removal of the viaducts and the replacement road infrastructure.

We also work with the public transportation providers to ensure community access, noise levels and flow of pedestrian and street level is optimized.  

What can you do?

Learn about the City Plan and have your say. There are many updates from the City of Vancouver along with public forums and online surveys. Please stay involved to Shape your City

We will continue our Green Light Campaign until the park is delivered. Contact us to get a green light for your window, then turn it on every night!

Get a Creekside Park First Button for you and a neighbour.

Contact the Mayor and Council to say that you do NOT want Carrall St moved to the east of the sales centre, which would allow more residential development and less useable park space.

Follow us on Twitter @FalseCreekRes

Read and listen to what others have had to say: Greening the Creek Media


In 1990, in exchange for approval of 7,650 units of housing, Concord Pacific entered a contractual agreement with the City of Vancouver and the Province of British Columbia to deliver a 9.06-acre park on Lot #9, located at 88 Pacific Boulevard.

Because it is zoned as a park, it was assessed at $1 so Concord doesn’t pay civic tax yet uses the public park space for a variety of commercial purposes, including special events and their “temporary” sales centre.

Still, 29 years later, there is no permanent Creekside Park on Lot #9.

To date, Concord Pacific has built and sold well over 11,000 units and have approval to build 1,300 more, which are almost complete. Creekside Park must be completed in order to balance this density—concrete buildings, new construction, the SkyTrain, major traffic thoroughfares, BC Place Stadium and Rogers Arena—and the livability of its citizens. Water access and parks are hallmarks of our livable Vancouver, but this area is one of the lowest tree-canopy-cover areas in the city.

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