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False Creek water quality and waterfront

We appreciate the access to waterfront that exists in our neighbourhood. It is in our best interest to learn about the health of our waters and align with those who are making efforts to improve it

We are advocates for protecting the seawall and waterfront for safe cycling and public accessibility. We celebrate the success of the Creekside playground and the Concord Pacific Pop up Park.

The FCRA supports Swim Drink Fish and the Squamish Streamkeepers who help keep False Creek clean. 

Currently, FCRA supports collecting data on the water quality in False Creek. Click here for more information. View the presentation from our 2020 AGM. 

Vancouver has applied for Blue Flag status for selected Vancouver beaches indicating the intent to have a sustainable waterfront for our residents to enjoy. 

Check out Gassy, a new photo submission tool, to help feed information which helps us provide information and understand how to make False Creek better!

What is Gassy? She is a cute water monster who likes to learn about False Creek. Through your photos, Swim Drink Fish is able to track things like pollution, sewage spills, how many people are using the water, what kind of animals are present, and more. She digests all the photos you feed her and uses AI technology to track patterns in those photos. You are spending time on the water and notice some trash. Maybe it’s a plastic bottle. Or maybe some food packaging. Together, we can track what’s in our waters.

“The Swim Drink Fish team is extremely grateful for the support from the False Creek Residents Association. This support allows us to continue connecting people to their local waters, collecting water quality samples, sharing water data, and restoring water for a swimmable drinkable fishable future for all. We sample the water of False Creek to inform our community of recreational water users of the safest times and locations to paddle, while working towards restoring our beloved waters.”

Sadie Caron – Western Regional Program Manager, Swim Drink Fish Canada